Address Check Up Tips

There are duly many ways you can do an address check. The web is an excellent place to start with your search, and offers many avenues and methods that you can employ in carrying out your address check.

From time to time, you will discover that although you have a phone number but have no address for a particular friend or business. One tool that I find it specially helpful when you need to do an address check. That tool is the online Yellow Pages.

Whether you live in Canada or the USA or even around the world for its extended service, just locate and use this tool from any browser. You will be asked to enter the person's or Business' name, City and Province. Then you will be presented with a list of selections right on the screen.

Doing an address check is also very helpful when you are looking for a job. If you just have a company name and possibly the City that the business is found in, you can do an address check. The URL for the American site is and the Canadian equivalent is located at

For other countries, take Singapore for example, you will have to enter the Internet prefix at the back of the URL like etc.

Once you have completed your address check, you can go one-step further and enter the address into a tool such as Yahoo! Maps. This will allow you to get driving directions or Map and even a Bus route to the location of your choice.

Another situation that is made easier by running an address check, is when you want to send a card to a friend. Many times, you will only have their phone number or maybe an email address. However, using the online Yellow Pages you can find their complete Mailing address.

If for some reason, you are unable to do an address check using the online Yellow Pages, you can also search the company name by entering it into the Google Search Engine. If the company you are searching has a Website, you can likely find their physical address by clicking on the "Contact Us" section of their Website.

You might also be able to do an address check by means of a Reverse Telephone Number look-up. This tool can also be found online. To find the person's or company's address, you will need to enter their telephone number. This method of doing an address check is not always successful, but is another option to try if you are really stuck from other methods.

You can also browse through the Telephone Book Listings in your attempt to do an address check. Look up the person or company name. Many times, at least a partial address will be listed.

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