Which Type Of Answer Machines You Are Looking For?

How many Answer Machines have you gone through?  Have you used the independently standing Answer Machines, which have limited functions but are cheap, simple to use, and easy to tuck away in a corner or on a shelf?

Or have you tried the All-In-One Answer Machines and phones, which feature more capabilities, but which is a bit expensive if the phone goes out or only the machine breaks down; in either scenario you have to replace the whole unit?

Whichever way you go, go with what works for you - if you need long recording time, portability, or price breaks. I miss the older pre-advanced technology versions, the ones that had the adorable little cassette tapes you could use up and save in your archives, in case you wanted to prove a call made or wanted to recall an old lover's voice. Are you imagining?

And either way, have you struggled with just the act of purchasing, given the hundreds of brands and styles and offerings?  One can go through temporary changes without any back-up information to go on, so here are a few ratings and reviews for some of the many name branded Answer Machines:

  • GE Digital Telephone Answerer with Four Message Mailboxes
    Customers at amazon.com have identified the need for an Answer Machine that allows callers to leave a message longer than a few seconds. (Isn’t that insane? Are you the type who prefers callers leave all details on the machine rather than requesting you call back to find out the details, which is a waste of time and defeats the purpose, if you ask me of an answering machine and the message is cut off one minute in!) Therefore, they give the GE model four out of five stars for the 40 minutes of total record time, as well as for other valued features, such as Remote Access, date and time stamp, and voice clarity.
  • AT&T 1718 Digital Answering Machine
    Cost is another factor for consumers, and this model is reviewed at epinions.com as a five-star dream, given its affordability.  As well, fellow users like the Caller Announce feature (which is still important for screening calls, even if telemarketing is finally blackballed), the many available features, and the ease of use. Various users who swear by this AT&T model also tout its fine voice quality, attractiveness, and the fact that it is a stand-alone, for those who have a portable phone that just won’t quit.
  • Conair Digital Answering Machine
    While the Conair model gets mixed reviews, it is incredibly inexpensive, is easy to set up, and has an adapter for Vonage phone service users.  The company also offers a replacement, though from what buyers have written, it may cost a bit more in shipping the original back than it cost to purchase in the first place.

Well, after reviewing this, you should be able to have some idea which type you will be looking for. Nevertheless, I think there is another type called Internet Answering Machines, which has something to do with your Internet connection.

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