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Nevertheless, you need either an Answering Machine or Voicemail to keep track of your missed phone calls. I used to not have an Answering Machine, and I'd miss calls all of the time. I even had one relationship break up because of it - my girlfriend thought I was not there for her, because I did not know she has called; and that inspired me to get an Answering Machine at that time.

There are two basic types of Answering Machine. The newer one is electric. It saves messages on a special chip which can be easily reset with the touch of a button. But my favorite Answering Machine is still the old kind, which uses a miniature cassette tape to record messages.

First of all, the old analog cassette Answering Machine has more memory than the other kind usually. At least half an hour in fact. Second of all, most digital Answering Machines make it too easy to reset the messages. If you press the wrong button, they are all gone.

With a digital Answering Machine, if you trip on the plug or there is a power outage, with most models, all of your messages will be lost whereas; with the tape variety, they will still be stored, safe and sound, on the cassette tape. This is so much more convenient, and the tapes tend to last for a long time, so it is not likely you'll have to spring for a new tape every week or two.

With analog machine, however, re-records over the messages as it goes if you tell it to reset. If you change your mind, chances are that most of your messages are still there. You can even take the tape with you if someone leaves a particularly funny or memorable message; play it for a friend on a mini cassette tape player.

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