Computer Information Technology Is Not A Best Deal Anymore

There are hundreds, if not thousands of places tells you that you can get your Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology online, but really, it’s not the most prudent career-move anymore. Let’s face it, the Computer Information Technology field is pretty full right now. Since the “dot-com” crash, it’s hard for even people with degrees from prestigious Universities to find employment in Info Tech.

Anyone with knowledge about current job trends will tell you that Computer Information Technology has passed, and that if you are interested in getting a high-tech, innovative job, Biotechnology is the way to go and not just . Biotechnology is the wave of the future, with genetic research and engineering, as well as the promises of new cures for diseases, hardier crops, and many other avenues providing all kinds of excitement.

Of course, Biotech research does require Computer Information Technology people to write and run the complex programs that required doing with genetic sequencing, but they really aren’t too likely to hire someone with only that training alone.

Many people are studying both Biotechnology and Computer Information Technology to make them more employable in emerging high-tech fields. This dual area of studies allows them to be able to get a job ahead of the others, because they will be more qualified to do a wider variety of tasks, and have a better understanding of the issues involved in organizing and working with complex data.

Another field where Computer Information Technology training is helpful but not essential is the field of Advertising. Because everything is now done with Computers, an Advertising Agent with knowledge of Computer Information Technology is at a great advantage. He can more easily demonstrate his ideas with fancy presentations, can do some work in predicting long term trends, and have the option of doing Internet Advertising too, an option not available to people without the Computer Information Technology training.

Moreover, today’s consumers have a shorter and shorter attention span and is more and more jaded towards Advertising; the more fancy and interactive advertisements with the computer generated special effects are, the more likely to generate the response which the Advertisers desires.

In addition, let’s not forget that many of these so-called Computer Science and Information Technology schools actually offer you nothing — A degree not worth the paper, which it is printed on. Unless you are really passionate about Computer Information Technology, it pays to get a degree in another field. However, if you like to have Computer Education alone, it is always a good thing to learn more.

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