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History American Telephone and Telegraph (AT & T) acquire the Western Union Telegraph Company in a hostile takeover. They purchased stocks in the company covertly and the two eventually merged.

The Google Toolbar is a free software download available from Google. In the words of Google, the Google Toolbar leys you “Take the power of Google with you anywhere on the web. The Google Toolbar will integrate with Internet Explorer to provide seamless access to Google as well as some very useful tools. The Google Toolbar is now available for Firefox as well.

History Principal of the telephone was uncovered.

The Google Toolbar started out basic and has grown and expanded its features. The basic feature of the toolbar is the ability to do Google searches from the toolbar without going to the web page. The search bar will remember your last searches and will allow you to choose (just like on the web page) if you want to search the web, images, the current site and more.

History First coin operated telephone installed in Hartford, Connecticut.

One very pleasant feature on the Google Toolbar relates to its searches. There is a highlight button on the toolbar that when pressed will highlight your Google searched words on the current web page.

The Google Toolbar also offers a popup blocker which is easily adjustable to allow a singe popup when needed. You can also, with a click of the mouse permanently allow popups from a web site that you trust.

There is also an Autofill feature available on the toolbar. You can store information such as your name, address, email and phone number. When you come across a web page that needs this information, the Google Toolbar can fill in the information with a single click of the mouse.

History Research into electronic telephone exchanges began and was eventually perfected in the 1960’s with the electronic switching system (SES).

Additionally, there is a button that allows you to move up levels on a web site. This allows easy access to index and home pages if your Google search took you a page embedded deep in the web site.

There seem to be new features popping up with the Google Toolbar. Today, the Google Toolbar includes features such as a spell checker that will check your typing when you are entering data on various web pages. It also includes a word translator that allows you to translate a word into other languages. Another recent addition that is currently available for US users of Google is the Autolink feature that provides automatic links to maps from street addresses.

History 1918
It was estimated that approximately ten million Bell system telephones were in service throughout the U.S.

There is a page rank feature to help you determine if a website is relevant. There is a word find feature to help you find your information on the web page.

The Google Toolbar is fully customizable. You are able to choose which buttons you want displayed on your toolbar. Thus, you can easily adapt it to flow with your web surfing needs. The download is free and the installation is simple.

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