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I spent several weeks in bed following a breakdown of sorts. I guess stress and life just got to me. The point is, I had to find a way to amuse myself during those long and boring days. My husband, being very considerate, moved our eMac computer up to the bedside table.

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We have a wireless Internet connection, and many hours were spent surfing with the keyboard propped on my knees, with my pillows positioned just so. It’s amazing how well a mouse can work when positioned on top of a comforter!

During those endless hours I picked up a habit of sorts. I learned how to find, access and proceed with downloading movies. Using Acquisition and Azureus I educated myself on the different movie formats and even found out how to get foreign films along with English captions to play using a user-friendly utility called VLC.

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I was quite proud of my acquired knowledge and abilities. During those weeks I downloaded several gigs of entertainment. I spent hours scouring movie reviews and recommendations and I set up the computer to that it was downloading movies for hours while we slept.

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I discovered several formerly unknown gems and even developed an interest in Korean and Japanese films, discovering several masterpieces that I’d never even heard of before. The funny thing is, with all those movies at my fingertips, I watched very few of them. (Although the ones I did get to watching turned out to be definitely worth my while!)

In fact now, I have several movies waiting to be watched, but trapped within the confines of our computer system. This happened because once I got well, I no longer needed the computer up in my bedroom, and so I no longer spent countless hours educating myself on the finer points of downloading movies.

In fact, my education stopped at a crucial point: I never discovered how to take the files I had so carefully downloaded and convert and burn them in a format playable on our DVD player. So our system is bogged down with literal gigabytes of movies, with nobody interested in watching them on our puny 15 inch computer screen.

Tips! Finally, take the time to consider what type of inventory a particular website has in regard to movies. Some websites have significant offerings when it comes to available movies while other websites have much small selections.

I found that downloading movies was a great way to pass the boring hours stuck in bed. Hopefully, I’ll find out how to convert them and burn them to disc, without having to resort to weeks spent in bed, in the process!

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