Downloading Music In A Legal Way

It seems like everybody is into downloading Music these days. Having songs handy in such a portable format allows for lots of uses. You can burn CDs to play in your Car, set background Music to photo displays and even send a song to a friend. Friends of ours have created their own play lists on our computer. When they come over, they are able to add to their Music lists and even burn their preferences to CD to take home with them.

My friend has well over 1500 songs in his Music library. Those are in addition to tons of Music stored in CD format. I have some decent Stereo equipment and regularly uses his Music library, Computer and Stereo System to DJ private parties for friends and family. We are able to create play lists in iTunes and we can customize these lists according to the preferences of the host. We are always downloading Music for one purpose or another and we have amassed quite a collection in all genres of Music.

Nearly a year ago, a friend of ours was getting married. She has a different taste in Music than we do. She wanted to play several sets of country Music along with more popular Pop and Rock. This required several hours of downloading Music that would suit her tastes. We did not have any Country Music in our library at that time. Now, we have a couple of dozen songs of that variety.

The program we use to is called “Acquisition”. It makes downloading Music extremely easier and user-friendly. In fact, even my friend’s son is able to quickly locate and download tunes without any adult supervision. His little girl whom is only 4-year-old knows how to find and play several of her favorites as well.

Sometimes one of us will get in a nostalgic mood and think of a particular song. It is so easy to check the library to see if it’s already ready and waiting for music down loads, or to run a simple search and you are downloading Music in no time! It is a legal Music download.

In addition to downloading Music, you can also find stand-up comedy skits to add to your collection. Every once in a while, I will get in the mood to hear some of the antics of The Jerky Boys. Within seconds, I can find and play the clips, again, using iTunes. The technology that is available these days, makes downloading Music, movies and more as simple as a click of the button and/or a Credit Card. I cannot remember the last time we resorted to playing a CD, since our Music library has become too user-friendly and accessible.

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