Email Spam Filter Protection From Those Spammers

How often are you on the Computer? Well, if your life resembles mine, and those millions of other individuals, then you are probably on the Computer for a great portion of the day. It is for something called “Work.” So many of us work on a Laptop or Desktop, doing a variety of tasks for companies or privately owned business.

Then there are those who go to great lengths creating trashes that we don’t want and have nothing to do with. Yeah, you should know what I am talking about and the trash I am referring to. It is formally known as SPAM. Did you have any in your email inbox today? OK, let me guess. Yes, you had. Heck, it is almost unavoidable. Well, that is unless you have a new-age email Spam Filter. And this can come in handy.

Does your Laptop, Notebook, or Desktop have an email Spam Filter built-in? Well, chances are if it is a relatively new machine, it has already a decent Pop-Up Blocker. However, the email Spam Filter is a tad different. It mostly depends on which provider you have an email account with.

You see, I personally have a Hotmail account. Now, I can guess what you are thinking. Hotmail hit the Cyberspace airwaves and everyone and their dog snatched up a free Hotmail account. This is probably fairly accurate. We all want free email accounts for one simple reason. They are free!

In fact, if you don’t have a complimentary Hotmail account, then you probably will have a Gmail account through Google or the Yahoo! Mail. It is also Free-of-Charge. As far as the email Spam Filter goes, that is a tough one. With the Hotmail account we have something called Junkmail. Therefore, when you receive email that is clearly Spam, it is re-directed into the Junkmail account or folder. Now, is this an effective email Spam Filter? In my opinion, it is not.

I say this because I still have to go in and empty the stupid Junkmail box all the time. This is a hassle. I want an email Spam Filter that does not let Junk Mail through in the first place. If it comes through the first time, that is not a problem. However, immediately afterwards, I want the ability to label it as SPAM, so that it can never breech my email account walls again.

Doesn’t this sound like an ideal email Spam Filter? Then we wouldn’t have to continuously click UNSUBSCRIBE or Report Spam on the bottom of every email that slips through, only to have them sent back 50 more times. That is a pain! However, I do believe that Anti-Spam technology will get better and better in future. Just one thing in dilemma, will those Spammer’s “Technology” catch up with it?

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