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The business card has been has seen few changes over the years. However, even little changes can have a huge impact. Today, many professionals choose full color business cards to present their information and for good reason.

The colorful cards can be used to convey a message that goes beyond company, name and contact information. The full color business cards offer creative options that can really help a potential client remember you.

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People tend to be visual. Think about the many occasions in which you meet someone new. How often do you walk away trying to remember the person’s name? For most of us, it is more often than not.

Very few people remember what they hear. Most of us do remember what we see. Using full color business cards that includes a photo of yourself can help potential clients remember you.

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Including a picture of yourself on your full color business cards helps other people connect your name to your face. In many professional situations this is ideal. However, in other instances it may be beneficial for you to take another approach depending on what kind of goods and services you offer. Your profession should be reflected full color business cards through their style and visual impact.

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For example, I like to order special-made cheesecakes that you can’t find in any stores. (I do this because I like to tell my guests that I make them myself). I order from two different chefs who specialize in this type of product and I have both of their information on the cards that they gave to me. If one is too busy, I can always use the other.

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Both of them chose full color business cards. One chef has a picture of herself on the card while the other chef has a picture of one of her cheesecakes covered in raspberry sauce on her full color business cards. Even though both chefs make equally delicious cheesecakes, I tend to order from the chef whose card includes the tempting picture of the cheesecake.

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When you decide to make the jump from plain black and white to full color business cards, consider the message you want to convey. If you’re selling cheesecake, use a picture of a sample cheesecake. This helps your customers to quickly find your card because it stands out and it reflects exactly what the client is seeking.

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Nearly every professional carries his own business card. These little objects have been the cornerstone of communication and networking with new and potential clients for over a century.

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They serve as a way for a savvy professional to make a lasting impression on others. They also provide very important information that makes the owner of the card and his company accessible.

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