How Do You Manage Your Change of Address?

If you have moved, and refuse to put a change of address in because you don’t want to be found, don’t be so sure it won’t happen. Bill collectors have a way of finding people. All they have to do is figure out where you have moved, and they can pay a fee at the post office to get your address. They can also do this by tracking you by phone number, or by records of your current bills.

A change of address is something you have to deal with each and every time you move. This allows your mail especially those important ones to be forwarded to you for six month at your new address. You should notify utilities and other companies when you move, although some stuff will not necessarily need a change of address right away.

Filling out the forms at the post office will ensure that everything gets to you after you move. The forms for change of address are available at any post office. You simply fill out the information and hand it back to the post office.

The information you provide is very simple. You must give them your old address, your new address, and the date you wish the change to take effect. You can also do a change of address if you are leaving for a few months, and the date to return. You have to fill out the forms a little differently, but it is basically the same thing.

You can also do a change of address online. Everything can be taken care of by entering your information at home on your computer. Keep in mind that you must have a valid email address to do this, and you will be charged a fee of one dollar. If you don’t want to pay the fee to do it online, you can still print out the forms at home, fill them out, and deliver them to the post office yourself for free.

As an extra precaution, notify everyone you can think of when you move. Most magazines and even at the back of your Credit Cards and other similar financial company have a change of address form in each issue if you are a subscriber or applicant. You may be able to change this information online, but it depends on the information stated on it.

Don’t you forget to notify any financial companies you are dealing with, as well as any music or video clubs memberships you own. Remember that some items that come in the mail specifically say they cannot be forwarded, so make sure you notify everyone as needed.

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