Internet Maps – Free or Built-In?

If your vehicle haven’t already came with a built-in GPS system or similarly an Auto Navigation Systems, you are probably like me, taking the advantage of those free websites like Mapquest, Google, MSN or Yahoo, which offer directions to anywhere you want to go. With a simple Starting Point Address and Destination Address, you can create a personalized Map specific to any trip. Suddenly, not only you have the quickest route to take, but you also have the total distance and time in a glance it takes to get there.

I made use of Internet Maps when venturing from Oregon to North Carolina a couple years back. This was a long trip, but I did not get lost. I simply punched the addresses in the Computer, and it gave me a route to follow, I printed it out and took it along with me. It is as easy as that. Even if I travel 15 miles to a particular Shopping Plaza or Doctor’s office, Internet Maps still prove handy if you do not know exactly where you are going.

Since the Internet took over the world with its unlimited access to all that is good and bad, users such as myself have certainly took advantage of its never-ending information and short cuts. We currently thrive on benefits such as Internet Maps and email. From what I can tell, there simply isn’t a sufficient downside to this deluge of data.

Remember the older days when you would go on vacation with the folks. Dad was driving and Mom was unfolding a ridiculously large road Map in an attempt to find your route and destination. Those days are gone with the wind. Nowadays, Internet Maps are the key to finding a destination ahead of time.

With the modern technology of GPS systems and online Mapping, paper road Maps have became obsolete when traveling along. Most of us no longer endure the teeth-grinding agony of locating our path of travel on a large, folded up piece of paper.

As for the old school paper Maps, I do think they will slowly becoming outdated. It is hard to compete with the new age of technology and Cyberspace. Before we know it, GPS systems will be a standard in all vehicles, but until then, the rest of us can surely make use of the free directions provided for us with Internet Maps.

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