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Tip! The first thing cautious shoppers look for on unfamiliar websites is the company’s contact information. Because I use a live answering service, I can be sure that my customers will always get through to someone when they call in to place an order or ask questions.

The goal of most phone answering services is to offer top-notch technology with premier customer service. These services will usually customize their business to fit your needs whether it is basic message taking, service dispatching or medical communications. The staff of the phone answering service must be professional, friendly and able to give and receive accurate information.

Phone calls are vital to the success of any business, and when you’re not their to take a call, you need to be assured that the answering service you select knows your business inside and out and can make a caller feel that they are dealing with someone within your company. The staff should be highly skilled answering service professionals that can handle the information you provide them to inform customers who call.

If you’re thinking about starting a phone answering service, it is very easy to do. There is not a whole lot of start up costs, and all you need is a pleasant voice, and a willingness to learn all there is to know about the companies you are servicing. You will need a phone line for each of your clients that will run you somewhere around $200 per line and $50 of less for the phone rentals.

You can also purchase your own phones. The average fees for service are $50 – $60 for 60 to 100 calls. This is a fee for answering calls, and any other services like paging, etc. are extra. You’ll need to advertise your services by either calling potential clients or placing small ads in local newspapers. You can also place flyers around town in markets, colleges, medical facilities, etc.

Tip! Just about any business can benefit from an answering service; however, there are some that will benefit more than others. Construction workers and other general contractors need an answering service because their job could depend on it.

Key to the success of your phone answering business is you must have a good speaking voice and excellent grammar.

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