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Many people find that there comes a time when printing labels at home becomes increasingly difficult. Perhaps a business is growing, or you or printing many address labels for friends and family. You may be the person who needs to consider acquiring a label printer.

Many label printers are small, and although some are more expensive than conventional ink jet printers, they are still competitively priced. These printers are specially designed for larger printing needs such as bulk mailings.

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Many people, including myself, find that printing labels on standard label forms designed for ink jet or laser printers is sufficient. Avery, an industry leader in making label papers, offers many types and styles to choose from.

These labels can be found in almost every office supply store. Using these labels is an inexpensive alternative to a label printer for the person who does not generate large quantities of labels. Templates are easily found to fit these labels and are easily customized to suit your needs.

For those who require more involved label printing needs, having a dedicated label printer will be an attractive option. The prices will vary. The lower cost printers start at just under $100 and usually are be a good choice for a lower volume or occasional user.

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For heavy duty and high volume industrial applications, label printers can cost upwards of $700. And then there are printers at almost every price in-between. You will need to look at the features, speed and durability to decide which label printer best meets your needs.

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Many label printers use heat technology to do the printing. They are called thermal printers. The heat will transfer or burn the ink onto the label paper. This technology has been around for a while and is dependable and stable.

Some lower end thermal label printers have a resolution of around 300 dpi, or dots per inch. Higher end models may have increased dpi and allow you to print labels with better print quality.

Most label printers will interface with your PC. You will be able to create a label template and combine it with your data to create a professional looking label in minutes.

When shopping for a label printer, be sure to check on the following features to compare various models. Differences may be found in the printing method used, the print resolution, the print speed, the maximum printing width and length (your label size), the resident memory in the printer, the communications interfaces (most common are RS232 and USB), as well as the number of resident fonts in the printer.

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