The Fantasy Of A Cell Phone Case

Most probably, when you bought a cell phone, you would have noticed that in addition to the software CD, the charger, the USB adaptor and the warranty card you’ve also been given a cell phone case. Whilst some country phone shops or dealers just won’t provide it for free. Too bad.

Well, this is not just a gesture of magnanimity on the part of the cell phone manufacturer. It is a marketing tactic to keep you up to speed with what has become the hottest accessory in the cell phone market. For while not all cell phone users need GPRS, or fancy camera attachments, almost everyone would opt to go in for a cell phone case!

Leather, is the next most popular material for cell phone covers. From simple, run of the mill leather cases, through custom and suede leather cases to fancy swivel leather cell phone cases, there are all sorts of cell phone cases to cater to every need. When such accessories are used, they transcend the realm of the functional to become hip, fashionable accessories to display ones attitude.

The most common cell phone cases are the simple, transparent ones. They not only serve to hold T phone securely, but also have the advantage of keeping your precious phone free from scratches and nicks. And since most of these transparent cell phone cases come molded to fit snugly around your cell phone, you can be sure that they fit right and serve the protection purpose they were designed for.

Cartoon characters are also strong contenders for the top spot on cell phone cases. Each time a movie with a cartoon character is released, you can be sure that there’ll soon be a cell phone case coming out. Pink Panther is a universal favorite among cell phone cases. In Asia, Hello Kitty and Pikachu cell phone cases continue to remain the rage. Japan is home to the widest variety of anime and hentai cell phone cases including the ever popular Rellakkuma cell phone case. Why, there’s even a Wallace and Gromit cell phone case already in the stores!

If you still don’t have a cell phone case to suit your preference, functionality or just fantasy, you can log on to some of the more popular sites on the Internet like, among others to try and locate the ideal cell phone cover for you. Who knows, you just might find the cell phone cover that not only reflects your attitude and desires, but helps keep your cell phone safe as well!

Although cell phone cases are relatively new entrants in the fashion scene, the biggest and the best designers have latched on to them to produce designer cell phone cases. While Gucci, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana and the likes actually don’t produce cell phone covers, there are several cell phone covers in the market that carry their names on them.

And then of course, there are the super premium cell phone cases with genuine Swarovski crystals on them making these covers highly prized, functional jewelry items. In such cases, the cell phone case could be worth much more than the phone it holds! Such designer services, known as “blinging” your phone, are becoming popular around the globe what with online services offering customized services to suit your taste and budget.

Nowadays, since the China markets has opened, there are a lots of cheap cell phone cases coming out on town too! Although I am a little skeptical about their quality, but it’s not great deal for used and discard option since we now have a reason to buy more and use more.

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