The Technology Of Web TV

One of the biggest players in the newly emerging Web TV market is the media conglomerate Microsoft. SMNTV is the Web TV arm of this large corporate and have been inventing several innovative concepts to bring Web TV and Web TV content to your home.

MSN Web TV is capable of integrating video, audio, e-mail and even text messages, and bringing them onto your regular television set. You can surf for the latest and the best entertainment. You can use the large screen display of your television monitor to access, read, and send e-mail.

You can surf online, shop and even search the Internet and its vast content from your regular television. You can also view and share photos, indulge in instant messaging, and use your television as a networking tool. What’s more! You can also enjoy music and video downloads that are Windows Media player compatible on your regular television set.

Your good old television, which has been getting better and better in any case, can now be a super-charged, turbo television that does a whole lot more. All it takes is a set top box, a regular internet connectivity plan and you are set to blast on to the Web TV world! This interactivity is what makes Web TV the most hyped invention around.

Several Americans are already enjoying the benefits of Web TV. Websites like, and several others already offer a wealth of information on Web TV and on-demand TV in the USA and other parts of the world. Music, news, sports and several other ‘channels’ of choice are already available as Web TV content and it is only time before other channels crop up. So, why stay out of the loop. Discover how you too can be a part of the Web TV sphere today!

Recent news reports indicating that popular Internet monoliths like Google and Yahoo are getting into the Web TV sphere has indicated a lot of interest. After all, these are two of the most popular search engines that rule the Internet. And they, above all others, realize the value of content in this search crazy world.

So if they are entering what has for long been considered a technology enabled dream, there must be something to I right? Several mainstream and trade publications have been reporting this as a trend, and as a forerunner of things to come. Other Web TV specialists have been touting these developments or rather, announcements of Web TV developments as the one thing that will change the way we view the Internet. However, it is and will remain a natural progression.

For when the web initially came on the seen these same specialists predicted the death of traditional print and television. We have all lived through that phase and have only seen both print and television survive and thrive. Nevertheless, Web TV has always existed in the realm of the possible. The technology available earlier was insufficient to create and sustain Web TV content.

But more people have broadband connection today than five years ago. More people are streaming and receiving interactive web content than ever before. Most regular TV broadcasters have web exclusive websites. And all of this comes together to make Web TV much more than mere fantasy. Web TV today is a realization of a dream that the today’s interactive technology has made possible.

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