The Use Of Answering Machine

Talking about phones and accessories, nowadays I think Cellular stands out of all types of phones. It has gone to 3G and lots of accessories are tailored to it. What about our traditional telephone? Are there any accessories that can enhance its feature?

I remember back when the answering machine was a relatively new invention. My parents thought that it was the most amazing contraption that they had seen in years. Our answering machine was large and it had a large cassette tape in it that recorded incoming messages and another large cassette tape that played the outgoing messages. We had a lot of fun creating new and interesting greetings for callers on our answering machine.

Many of the answering machine greetings were annoying and some were very funny. We recorded songs, we took turns creating messages and we always kept things new. One of the more annoying answering machine greetings was the well-known, “Hello…Hello. I can’t hear you… Can you speak up? I still can’t hear you…Anyway, we’re not home. Leave a message on the answering machine after the beep.” Many callers were extremely irritated with the message and often hung up on the answering machine.

Today, you can find new ways to annoy and amuse your callers through your answering machine, especially on your cell phone. There is a site called The Answering Machine that offers message downloads for your cell phone. You can choose from three hundred different greetings. The Answering Machine also offers many other treats for your cell phone as well.

The Answering Machine has a list of the top ring tones for your cell phone. One list provides the classic downloads for your cell phone answering system like the theme from the Exorcist and Mission Impossible and from popular music like Hey Jude and You Spin Me Round. Whatever your taste, you can find a great ring tone for your cell phone through The Answering Machine.

The site also provides a choice of colour logos for your cell phone. The pictures range from cartoons to photographs to artwork. If you prefer a little movement, The Answering Machine offers animated logos for your cell phone. Many of these logos are downright funny and some are just plain scary. Many of the animated logos are appropriate for cell phone users of all ages but some are adult.

I am going to spend a little time looking around The Answering Machine’s website to find a great logo, some animated pictures and maybe a cool new ring tone. But what I’m really looking forward to finding is a great message for my cell phone. Over the years, I have run low on new and creative ideas. I figure that I can put my creative efforts elsewhere and rely on The Answering Machine website for free downloads that are guaranteed to amuse.

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