Tips to Send Love Messages for Your Sweet Heart


Tips! Learn how to say “I Love You” as many different languages as possible.

If you’ve ever been in love you’ll know that it can seem as though you want to shout it from the rooftops. Depending on where you live that might be a great thing to do, but if you live in a bustling city either no one will hear you or your neighbors will complain that you are causing a disturbance.

Tips! Bake fortune cookies that contain special “I Love You” messages.

There are many ways to express your feelings to the person you adore. You can do this in numerous different love messages. In fact the only limit is your imagination.

The standard method of telling someone you love them is by saying it to them. This is probably the most cherished type of love messages there is. Everyone wants to hear the person they love utter those magical words to them.

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If you are a bit on the shy side consider written love messages. You could visit the local greeting card store and choose a card that expresses how you feel. But an even more meaningful sign of devotion is a hand written love messages. These can be in the form of a letter or perhaps even a poem.

Don’t discount the idea of sending along a gift with your expression of love. You can purchase love messages on almost anything imaginable. A fun bouquet of balloons can display the word “Love” or “I love you.” This is actually a nice way to send love messages to a person of either gender. Men will smile if they receive a balloon bouquet from the woman they love and of course women would just be tickled pink.

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Scented candles can add a wonderful ambiance to a romantic interlude. They can also contain love messages. Some candles can be purchased that are wrapped in lovely paper that displays messages of adoration. These make perfect gifts for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

A very unique idea for sending love messages is framing the words “I love you” in another language; or several languages. Many foreign languages are so romantic and for a woman to receive this would make her heart melt.

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If the object of your affection spends time on his or her computer consider getting them a special screen saver that displays love messages. One of the most popular allows you to program their name into the screen saver. This can be done with hearts or stars and is a wonderful way to show them you love them. Whenever their screen saver comes on they’ll be reminded of the special spot they hold in your heart.

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