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The very first time I heard about an mp3 player was when I got Winamp installed on my computer. Back in those days, it seemed like a nifty utility. Although I still had to discover ways to convert my music into digital mp3 format, I was happy enough to use services like Napster and Audio Galaxy, (which were still operational and legal and free in those days) to download mp3 music to my computer based mp3 player.

Winamp seemed to have all that I wanted and much more. While it could comfortably play the mp3 music that I got off the net, it also came with options like skins and frequency enhancements that made it seem both cool and functionally updated. This situation kept me happy for a while.

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But I woke up with a shock the next time I had the opportunity to hear about the mp3 player. This was around the time Apple launched the iPod worldwide, creating a huge impact. Quite frankly, I had never felt the need to go in for any standalone mp3 player before.

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As far as music from compact discs went, I was extremely happy with my Sony Discman. It was easy to carry around, kept me connected to my songs and even played CDs with mp3 tracks on them. So why did I need an exclusive mp3 player? Especially one that would cost me a couple of hundred dollars.

But the coming of the iPod changed all that – forever. Suddenly, the concept of an mp3 player was not just cool, it had become the ultimate aspirational gadget for not just the teens, but also scores of tweens and people in their thirties. Everyone was clamoring for this guru of mp3 players – the iPod – and very soon, this sleek and sophisticated mp3 player had sold more than a million units worldwide.

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With hindsight, it seems easy to argue that at last, people were ready for a truly portable mp3 player that could store hundreds and thousands of music files. When iPods have been accepted in discos and even by professional DJ’s, it seems like it took ages for it to get to common use. In fact, till the Apple iPod entered the scene, Winamp was the only accepted mp3 player of any note.

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But even a cursory look at the market for mp3 players will show us that this is no longer the case. After iPod innovated and converted millions of people worldwide into early adopters of the mp3 player concept, dozens of companies got onto the band wagon to come out with their own versions of mp3 players.

There were mp3 players with more (or less) storage capacities, there were mp3 players with voice recording and playback facilities, there were mp3 players built into mobile phones and standalone mp3 players that came with a host of attachments to make them more powerful. There were even co-branded mp3 players released by youth centric brands like Coca Cola!

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But as far as I am concerned, after Winamp, the only mp3 player I know will be the constantly upgraded and ever enhanced iPod.

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