What Is Save the Date Announcements?

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Save the date announcements are a great vehicle for informing friends and family about a special occasion that you would like them to share with you. Many of your potential guests will find the information useful if they have it in advance. The save the date announcements help your future guests to make plans for your event. They also help you make plans for your special event as well.

Part of the difficulty in organizing a special event is deciding on a time and a place for the occasion. The save the date announcements can be prepared weeks or even months in advance. This will help you solidify your time and place and this will help your guests organize their time around your party.

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Some guests really appreciate having a lot of notice in advance before attending a party or special event. Many of your guests may have to travel some distance to attend your ceremony. These attendants benefit from knowing the details about the occasion months ahead of time.

They can purchase airline tickets at lower rates or make sufficient sleeping arrangements with relatives or friends. Both of these will save them money. You can include phone numbers of hotels and links to flight scheduling sites in your save the date announcements.

Now that you have your date, time and place for your occasion, you can concentrate on a theme for the event. Many of the people attending the party may be very impressed if you use the save the date announcements to introduce the theme. For example, you may want to throw a summer luau. You may find Hawaiian-themed cards to send to your guests.

The theme can be carried over right into the luau if you plan ahead. You can use the response cards from the announcements to make seating arrangements at the party. Save the response cards and place them on the table where each guest will be seated. The cards will help you keep track of the number of guests and they will help your organize seating arrangement.

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Having a theme in mind before sending the save the date announcements will help you stay organized enough to float through the nerve-racking planning stages.

You may also include a list of activities that you are planning right in your announcements. This helps your future guests decide what to wear and it gives them some insight to the general mood of your special day.

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