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Although Google is all of the rage right now, it is important not to forget about the other search engines. I remember when the Yahoo search engine was absolutely tops, and even before that when it was all about Altavista. I wonder where that went anyway. It is strange to see that the Yahoo search engine has been completely eclipsed by other engines.

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However, this is not all that completely true. The fact is that, because of metasearch engines, the Yahoo search engine is still important. Many people use metasearch tools, such as dogpile, and if you want your site to rank high, it can not hurt to rank high with yahoo and the other individual search engines. There are tools to increase your ranking in the Yahoo search engine, and if you run a web based business, they can be a very helpful aid to make your ratings soar like a bird!

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Personally, I do not like the Yahoo search engine as much as I like Google There are real reasons for this. The fact is that Google is much better at sorting out spam and other junk and giving you quality hits than the Yahoo search engine is, and that’s a fact. If you do not want to have to slog through a bunch of spam, you are probably just better staying away from the Yahoo search engine all together. No one wants to waste their time with that junk. That is why Google is doing so much better than Yahoo.

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I have heard somewhere that the Yahoo search engine actually allows people to pay money to increase their rating on the site. I am not talking just about advertising, everyone does that. Google has featured ads at the top, and it is no big deal. You can tell by the way that they are laid out that they are just ads, and some of them might actually be offering you what you want.

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But if you settle for the Yahoo search engine, it is a whole different matter. You will have to slog through a huge amount of paid ads that are cleverly mixed in with the legit results from the search that you performed. Although some of Yahoo’s other services are pretty goods (Yahoo maps is the best direction service in my opinion) they just have a lousy search engine, and that is that as far as I am concerned.

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