Make Your International/ Local Calls Free Via Broadband Phone Service

I was surprise that computer technology has came to this helpful source of communication. If you are still using that plastic device with the push buttons to make your telephone calls, you need to come into the 21st century. Most of us could not live without our computer and many of us now have broadband intent access. The next logical step is to use you computer and Internet connection to make telephone calls.

I finally got tired of paying for my long distance and international phone calls. I found the best alternative; broadband phone service. I am one of those people that is always very hesitant to try some new technology advancement. I need to be convinced first. I quickly became convinced that broadband phone service is the only way to go.

There are a variety of providers that have a broadband phone service network available. All you need to do is to download a very small program to hook up to the network, exactly the same way you do with the chat networks. Then convince all you phone contacts to do the same and you are in business. You can even make conference calls with multiple participants with broadband phone service.

The biggest advantage to broadband phone service is that there is not cost to 'call' from computer to computer. You can talk to anyone on the net for as long as you like and it does not cost anything. Besides, with broadband phone service, your fingers never get worn out as with 'chatting' which really ought to be called 'typing'.

I personally use broadband phone service in my business, as I need to talk to people all over the world. I thought that, through the computer and sometimes with connection problems, that I could not afford to use broadband phone service because of the potential problems. It just did not happen. The quality of the sound was perfect and the system works exactly like a normal landed telephone. There is a microsecond delay with broadband phone service just like with the telephone and that is no problem at all.

In addition to downloading the program, the only other equipment that you need is speakers and a microphone for your computer. I like using a headset with the microphone built in. That way I can talk hands-free and can easily write down any information or notes I might need while talking.

Another advantage of broadband phone service is that you can sign up for additional services that can allow you to make computer to landed calls for a much reduced cost. That way, if the one you need to talk to is not computer savvy, you can still talk to them at a much reduced rate by making the phone call through your computer using broadband phone service.

Honestly, there is absolutely no reason not to be able to cut your long distance phone bill to zero. Just hook up to a broadband phone service and get all your phone contacts to do the same.

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