Will You Buy A Mobile Phone From Those Salesmen?

By Lisa Mac
I really hate pushy salespeople. However, I especially hate it when they come to my door trying to get me to buy those magazines or accept Jesus (Sorry to say this for those Christianity) into my life, or try to yell to me from a kiosk in the mall to buy a mobile phone.

When someone comes across as pushy toward me, it makes me want to NOT buy a thing from them ever, even if what they are selling is the exact thing I need.

Every time I’m shopping at the mall, I’m accosted by hopeful sales representatives who would like me to buy a mobile phone. They lean out from their phone-packed kiosks and yell to me about the great deals they have going on, and urge me to come over and talk to them.

What I don’t understand is how these people stay in business if they have to resort to flagging people down in the mall to sell their product. I do not imagine many people would buy a mobile phone from a kiosk in the mall.

Instead, I just smile and walk by without stopping because I don’t have time to talk to every salesman who yells to me, considering it happens at least three times per shopping trip. I wanted to buy my jeans and then maybe hit the fancy coffee shop for an Iced Latte before getting on with my day.

I would rather go out of my way to buy a mobile phone from an independent electronics store or even online store the next time I need to upgrade, because of all the times I’ve been bothered by mobile phone salesmen in the mall.

I feel that if I give them my business they will see their obnoxious mall tactics as being a successful way to get people to buy a mobile phone. In addition, I will continue to be annoyed and hassled while I try to shop.

Teenagers are especially attractive clients for mobile phone companies, and because teenagers are fickle and sometimes impulsive, they’re easy to sway with the right pitch and the right angle. I am not a teenager, though, so I still don’t understand why every time I am out shopping at the mall I have to listen to at least three separate sales guys yelling, “Hey pretty lady, do you have a cell phone?” while I was trying to shop for new jeans or whatsoever.

I want to tell them, “If I needed a cell phone, I would come to you and you wouldn’t have to shout at me from across the mall.”

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