Where To Get Celebrity Mailing Addresses?

Everyone has someone in the entertainment industry that they admire. Maybe it’s an actor or actress, it could be the newest pop singing sensation or it might even be the co-anchor of the nightly news. Celebrity mailing addresses are used for any number of reasons.

Some people simply do just want to write a note saying how much they appreciate the work of their fan favorite. Others are autograph seekers, wanting to snag the signature of someone special. Authors are also often found trying to contact celebrities to get an endorsement for their book.

You admire their work and you've decided that you want to thank them for their contribution to your life. You can’t just pick up a phone book and peruse the listings looking for their name. After all celebrity mailing addresses aren't as readily available as yours or mine.

There are several websites that claim to have the latest and greatest celebrity mailing addresses. Many of them do have ample contact information but not for the person you want to get in touch with. So where does an average Joe or Jane go to find celebrity mailing addresses?

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to contact your favorite star is through their publicist. The publicist of course is privy to the celebrity mailing addresses of their clients, but more importantly they are the public’s connection to their clients.

If you mail a note to the publicist there’s a chance that the celebrity you want to reach, may actually get that information. Another great approach that is similar is to contact the agent of the person you want an autograph from. 

Fan club sites are another great resource for celebrity mailing addresses. They will often have a contact page where members of the site can access celebrity mailing addresses that the general public can’t. If you truly are a huge fan consider buying a membership to the fan club. It normally affords a person special privileges including advance concert tickets and free merchandise.

If all that fails you might want to consider joining one of the reputable websites that offer celebrity mailing addresses for a fee. Usually you can join for just a few dollars for a short time. With even a few hours access you can jot down all the celebrity mailing addresses you need and in no time you'll be sending a fan letter to the star of your dreams. 

Your first step should always be to visit the website of the star you want to write to. Many websites have celebrity mailing addresses where a fan can write to get an autograph. They also have celebrity mailing addresses strictly for fan mail. Because these addresses are suggested on the celebrity’s website they are a good choice for you to use.

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