Cellular Phone Service And Offer Available

I love having cellular phone service that are available and their cell phones offers. In fact, I am not sure how we managed to live without it. I remember when I got my first cellular phone service subscription. I think we paid about $30 a month for 60 minutes a month. At the time, I even though the phone provided with the cellular phone service was pretty cool.

Today, I look at that phone and realize how big and ugly it is compared to today. And that was only about 15 years ago. Back then, the coverage area for our cellular phone service was very local and we used the cellular phone service only for emergencies. A lot has changed.

I still love having cellular phone service. I am a big user of my cellular phone service. I am even at the place where I have seriously thought of getting rid of my traditional phone service and becoming a cellular phone service user only. I am not quite there, but who knows what another few years will bring.

What do I love about my cellular phone service? Many things. I love having one of those add-a-line, friends and family plans. It is cool to be able to only have one phone bill with several phones in our family. I also like the fact that with my cellular phone service, network to network calls are free.

No minutes charged against my monthly allotment. My cellular phone service, like most services that are available, have free nationwide long distance. It makes calling anywhere easy!

Some things are not so cool with my cellular phone service. My house is like a cellular dead zone. The signal disappears in my home. So that is why I have both traditional phone service as well as my cellular phone service.

I also really hate the fees that came when you went over your monthly minutes. Today, thanks to competition, nasty overage fees from your cellular phone service provider are becoming a thing of the past.

What is getting more popular with cellular phone service? I think the latest thing to come that is cool is the new pay as you go phones. I like the idea of being in control of how much you are paying for your cellular phone service. I also like the idea of having no ugly surprises when you open your monthly bill.

Many of the main cellular phone service providers and networks are beginning to offer this as an option for their customers. Who knows, perhaps we are catching up to the rest of the world. Pay as you go is very common as a cellular phone service in many other countries including Europe and Africa.

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