Dealing With Change-Of-Address Announcements

You can purchase a package of Change-Of-Address announcements at most stationary stores. These types of announcements usually resemble a small greeting card with spaces provided for you to manually fill in your name and new address.

Although these aren't as personal as specially ordered Change-Of-Address announcements, they are very economical. You simply fill in the required information, attach a stamp, and place them in a mailbox. 

Change-Of-Address announcements can be ordered from any printing companies. You can have them printed so they will include not only your new address but also a personal message as well. Change-Of-Address announcements can also double as invitations to house warming parties. This is a great way to share the location of your new home as well as invite everyone over to enjoy it with you.

The style and design of your Change-Of-Address announcements depends on your own personal taste. People might include an image of their new home. This adds a very special touch to the announcement and gives the recipients a sneak preview of where you’ll be living.

Although you’ll be sending out Change-Of-Address announcements to your family and friends, there are others that might need to know your new location as well. For example, your banks, Credit Card, Cell phone provider and Insurance companies. Don't forget them.

In this case, you won’t want to send them a personalized announcement but instead a standard Change-Of-Address card that can be found at your local Post Office works just fine. These resemble a post card and include your previous and new address as well as a spot for the recipient's address. They might have even provide a Change-Of-Address leaflet at the back of every statement you receives every month.

When you are sending Change-Of-Address announcements to business associates that you deal with, consider sending them a few weeks in advance before your moving date. The reason you want to do this is to ensure they will have sufficient time to change your records so you don’t miss an invoice or important updates.

In the middle of a big move, sending out Change-Of-Address announcements will ensure that others will know exactly where to find you. Moving can be an exciting time and you want it to go smoothly. Use Change-Of-Address announcements to make certain that everyone who needs to know where you are can easily find you.

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