Notebook Computers Review - Which PC Notebooks is your choice?

Why Would You Need PC Notebook Computers?

Today's Notebook Computers, however, are much closer to the size and shape of actual Notebooks. Leaps and bounds have also been made in the amount of power that manufacturers can pack into Notebook Computers.

A few years ago, it simply was not possible to pack the power of a desktop Computer into a Notebook. Today, high-powered Notebook Computers are plentiful, though they will cost about twice as much as their desktop twins.

So who needs a Notebook Computer? The most obvious candidates are students and those who travel a lot when they work; since Notebook Computers let you get so much more done when you are on the go. Students usually find themselves studying and writing in libraries, coffee shops, restaurants, and sometimes even at their desks, so having a portable workstation is a huge boon. 

The same goes for anyone who gets a lot of their work done while away from their desks, or at least anyone who would like to. Those who usually work either at their desks or at home probably cannot justify the added cost of a Notebook Computer, since they will not get much added convenience out of the purchase. For anyone on the move, however, a Notebook Computer will let you get a lot of work (and play) taken care of while away from your desk and out in the world.

Desktop Computers are amazing devices. They allow us to access the Internet and all of the information linked up throughout the world, they let us play interactive video games and type up letters to friends and even balance our checkbooks. With them, we can watch movies, download music, or make our own compact disks.

They are becoming less expensive and more powerful every day. However, if you want to check your email over a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks or type up a memo while you’re riding the bus you’re pretty much out of luck. Desktop Computers are many things, but with their bulk and masses of cables, they are not very portable.

Fortunately, it has occurred to Computer manufacturers that some of us would like to take our Computers with us, and thus, the Notebook Computer. Well this Notebook Computers, like their desktop relatives, have also become much cheaper and more powerful in the past few years, and they have gotten a lot smaller too. Six or eight years ago, a Notebook Computer was closer to the size of an encyclopedia than a Notebook, and it weighed about as much.

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