Who You Can Meet with Dating Service?

You probably know by now that contrary to grossly over-generalized myths of Internet daters being loathsome hound dogs, skanky wannabes, and obsessive stalkers, the people at online dating services are you, me, us.

They are people who are working, skills, morals, values, who have families, who have interests, likes and dislikes etc. In addition, they have similar ulterior goals, needs, desires, fetishes, and motives, and appreciations to yours -- if you're in the right section, the section you can truthfully admit to yourself.

So, depending upon which phase you're in - whether you're looking for mutually-motivated partners for sex, love, bonding, binding, or friendly fondling, first of all, you are not a freak, and second of all, will probably be quite content with the contacts you make through a dating service, and will likely even meet your next long-term mate… if you consider that.

Are you a serious Monogamist? Do you participate in a serious relationship, deeply involved, very much in love, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically satisfied - then take a powder, only to launch into another monogamous relationship with the same characteristics?

You are probably also exceptionally busy/ active, complete and independent on your own, but at the same time you are particular about your wishes and needs when it comes to choosing your next one-and-only. You feel meeting that special someone is tough, especially since you believe dating is necessary as a means to romance and marriage, and given your requirements for the mates you get involved with.

Then you are not alone. The dating service culture knows this. For example, one dating service - TopDatingTips.com -- reveals poll results wherein of those surveyed, 59% believe it is difficult to meet someone special. 63% agree standards and expectations are too high. In addition, 34% say they hate being single.

However, here's what a dating service does to alleviate the pressures and pains of being single and finding someone to change that single status: A dating service typically has a generic, traditional section, where you can find friends with similar interests.

Therefore, if you're stuck with describing yourself, as a one who likes to walk on the beach and look at the moon, you can actually find others who have chosen to disclose this same interest. A dating service might have a more serious "relationship" goal section, where you can look for the ultimate long-term relationship - marriage (which 19% of the above surveyed said was the aim of dating to begin with).

As well, a dating service that is more cutting edge will have an alternative section (also known as the Anything Goes, or Adult Section) where you can do as you please with whom you like. Here you need no serious involvement, no commitments beyond agreeing to using honesty, kindness, and fun as your basis for connecting.

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