Be A Great Listener with Good Listening Skills

By Jojo -
Listening is not something that people is taught. Obviously, our ears allow us the physical ability to listen to what people are saying and our brains help us to figure out the meaning of their words. However, listening skills are something that is learned and essential if you desire to any form of healthy relationship or communication with others.

Think about it, how many times you have been talking to someone and suddenly realized that they are not truly listening to you. Sure, they hear you, but they are not actually digesting the content. It is frustrating and annoying. Healthy listening skills are not difficult to learn and master. Our children will model their listening skills from watching and observing their parents.

Listening does not just require using your ears. Look at the person you are listening to. Direct eye contact does not just let them know that you are interested, but shows that your listening skills are up to par. Nodding at appropriate times, not interrupting, and smiling are a few of the skills you can practice to let someone know that you are hearing what they are saying.

Effective listening skills can also come into play when you ask questions that show interest in what the other person is talking about. If they are talking about a favorite hobby, ask a question about it. Not only will they know your listening skills have been perfected, but expressing interest in their topic makes them feel important.

Effective listening skills can improve every aspect of your life. It could mean fewer errors will occur because you were paying attention, relationships will be stronger and healthier, and more people will respect you. Many marriages could have been saved if one or both partners had been willing to work on their listening skills.

Some fatal mistakes in the workplace could have been avoided if people had been paying more attention to what was being said. Moreover, who knows, perhaps the world would even be a happier and more carefree place if people simply learned to listen to what others are saying. Think about it.

I was washing the dishes several nights again and talking to my husband at the same time. At least, I thought that I was talking to my husband. When I turned around, he was too absorbed in the evening newspaper to be paying me any attention at all. His listening skills leave little to be desired.

Granted, I had picked a rather odd time to be talking to him since he clearly was trying to relax and unwind and my topic of conversation was not of great importance. However, many times that I am trying to talk to him about something that is of great concern, his listening skills could use some definite improvement.

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