Ways To Find Back Your Lost Family Member

Finding a lost family member can be an enriching and rewarding experience for everyone involved. As children grow, families often find themselves becoming separated. Young adults heads off to college, cousins might move to another country to pursue a career dream and aunts and uncles venture into warmer territory in search of a pleasant retirement.

One of the first steps to finding a lost family member is searching through an Online Telephone Directory. With a traditional telephone directory you usually only had access to local telephone numbers and addresses. When a person lived in another city or country, this information wasn’t available to you. Now you can fill in the name of the person you are searching for and you’ll be given results from all over the country and in some cases, all over the world.

With this information, you can then start contacting people who have the same name as your lost family member. With any luck one will be the person you are looking for who will probably be just as excited to hear from you.

Not all listings in Online Telephone Directories have addresses, some just have phone numbers. If you are comfortable contacting people in this manner than simply call them up and explain about your lost family member and how they share the same surname. Although some people will be hesitant to help, others will share what information they do know.

Another online resource that is very valuable when it comes to locating a lost family member is a Message Board. There are many Message Boards that offer people with a shared surname the opportunity to post messages looking for a lost family member. Once you’ve located one of these you can post a message detailing the lost family member you are searching for.

If both of these methods fail to locate the lost family member you are searching for you can explore another avenue. There are several online sites that offer a locating service.   

The information required varies but some companies just need the name, birth date and birthplace of the lost family member. They will then use their research skills to try and locate the person you are searching for. 

It’s very easy to realize one day that you don’t know where all of your family members are. Many people find themselves looking for a lost family member they haven’t been in touch with for some time.  

Decades ago trying to find a lost family member was much like looking for a needle in a haystack. Without knowledge of previous addresses or the current city they were living in, it was almost impossible to find out where they were located.

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