Marketing Communications Tracking

Have you ever wondered what exactly marketing communications is? To put it simply, it is the art and science of communicating information that enables a company to market its products or services better. While this definition of marketing communications sounds really simple, it rarely is.

For one thing, it conceals more than it reveals and for another, it makes the role appear to be simple and straightforward. But believe me when I say it - marketing communications is one of the most complex fields of business in today’s world.

Have you ever come across the term marketing communications? Well, if you work in a reasonably large organization, you would in all probability have come across the term. Most organizations today, whether they are large or small, have a division that deals with marketing communications. Whether they call it corporate communications, product marketing or even marketing communications, it is one and the same.

As you can see, all communication has moved towards being measurable. And marketing communications is no exception. By being measurable, track-able and result oriented, marketing communications is proving to be an invaluable tool for the modern day marketer. In addition, it is difficult to imagine how future generations of marketing communications professionals could ever hope to function without such tools!

The reason for this is not difficult to fathom. Marketing communications works only in an evolved marketplace. In addition, the more evolved the marketplace itself is, the more complex marketing communications is likely to be. If you have wondered why, just take a look at the last promotional e-mail that you got in your inbox.

Get your technology person to take a look at it and he will tell you that it comes embedded with action scripts, flash, cookies, and a whole lot of other high technology wizardry. Why is it packed with such stuff? To put it simply, it is the best practices in marketing communications at work.

What does marketing communications do with such information? Well, for one thing, it tracks your usage pattern to determine whether you click on the links in the e-mail. If you do, it further tracks your activities when you reach the landing page.

It monitors how long you stay online, which pages you visit, and what lengths of time you spend on those pages and which products you are specifically interested in. Having done all this, it sends information back to the centralized server where adept marketing communications professionals use the data to structure their next communication to you.

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