Your Lucky Numbers Could be Anywhere

I have heard so many people talk about how they have chosen their lucky numbers or how they have come across them. Some people always use their own birthdays, along with their families'. Anniversary dates and ages are commonly used. Almost anything that you can imagine makes people convinced that they have picked the right lotto numbers for them - their lucky numbers.

I have chosen my lucky lottery numbers from different variables. My old soccer number from high school, my daughter's birthday and my husband's football number from college are some of them. Though having a nostalgic purpose, they have not won me lots of money.

People become obsessed with different ways of finding their lucky number. They might search high and low on the internet to find sites that claim they will "read them" and accurately give them their lucky numbers. I had a neighbor once, who counted all of the steps in her house - how many steps it was to her front porch, how many from her kitchen to her bedroom, how many to her mailbox and so on.

She was convinced that those particular figures were her lucky numbers. I always thought that she was crazy. One day, she came whooping out of her house and down her porch. She was screaming that she won the lottery. Sure enough, her lucky numbers had won her $250,000.

I could not do anything but stand there and look dumbfounded. Was it a coincidence, or had her strange behaviors truly led her to finding some very lucky numbers. No one will ever be able to say for sure. As tempted as I was, I almost found myself counting my own steps in my house. However, I did not do that to get my numbers lucky.

I have been waiting for years, for Ed McMahon to show up at my doorstep with that huge check for a million dollars. Unfortunately, my doorbell never rings. Of course, I never buy the magazines so I am not even sure I am eligible to win the million dollars. Therefore, I have better luck with playing the lottery. I have a set of lucky numbers that I tend to play, though I am not sure that they are my lucky number anymore. They have yet to land me the big jackpot.

Heck, they have yet to even get me remotely close. I tend to win a few bucks sometimes, never winning more than $100 at a time. Nevertheless, I am still convinced that someday, I will find the lucky lottery numbers that will win me something substantial. Everyone has their own methods of finding their lucky numbers. Whatever way works for your lotto numbers, I wish you the best of luck. I am waiting for my lucky numbers to pop up in the lottery someday or, for my doorbell to ring.

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