Free International/ Local Phone Call Via Phone Service VoIP

Whilst technology comes out with new abbreviations, some people might get confuse over it. Let me explain the new type of communication telephony. The booming trend now is phone service VoIP. Read more to know the benefits of VoIP.

VoIP means "Voice over Internet Protocol" and calling is what it is all about. What you get when you use phone service VoIP is the ability to call virtually for free because you are calling from your computer to someone else's computer over the Internet. There are no charges to you local or long distance phone company.

How many of us have spent countless hours of numbing finger work chatting to one of our friends? Now with the use of this phone service VoIP, we can actually talk to someone over our computer with our voice and not our fingers.

All the additional hardware you need is a headset with earphones and a built in microphone. That is it and you are ready to use phone service VoIP.

There are many companies that offer this service even perhaps your own Internet service provider. You will probably have to download some free software, much in the same way you did to begin chatting. Email your friends to do that same thing and you are in business for phone service VoIP.

The quality of the sound when using phone service VoIP is just that same or even better as with a traditional land-line or cell phone service. The difference is that you will not be paying for the call. If you have friends or business contacts abroad, phone service VoIP is much, much cheaper than using the telephone. Further, you will not being watching the clock and counting the dollars that you would normally be spending.

There are some estimates that in a very few years, virtually all of your long distance calls will be with phone service VoIP because of the cost savings. In addition, many people are hooked up to the Internet on a 24/7 basis.

Most companies that offer the phone service VoIP also provide a built in instant messaging service. You can message someone before you call or leave a message if they are not available to answer. In addition, phone service VoIP usually will leave a record of your unanswered call.

Every year it seems like there are new and better ways to use your computer and the Internet. Phone service VoIP is just another way the computer and the Internet are making each of our lives better and easier.

If you have a business, you would definitely wish to have a VoIP Business Phone System for cutting down your costs. While Packet8 offers VoIP Phone Service for small business, it is a hosted PBX with state of the art functionality and features.

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