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What Web Search Engine do you use? Most of us prefer a certain one in order to surf the web. Back in the day when Net Surfing became a phenomenon, Yahoo was like the biggest thing around. Everyone was talking about investing in this new-age Web Search Engine. These days there are several ways to browse Cyberspace.

In fact, you have a number of Search Engines to choose from. Anything from WebCrawler to Askjeeves to Lycos to Google to MSN and Hotbot can be used to locate that special website. Now, the question is; how do you decide on a particular Web Search Engine?

Well, the way I settled this was trying them all. I used to love popping open new Search Engines and surfing for my favorite products. In the end I made a decision on which one is working the best, hence provided me with the best selection of products and deals.

For me, my favorite Web Search Engine was Google. Keep in mind this was back in the late 90s. Back then, Yahoo was still all the rage. Nowadays google.com is probably the most used Web Search Engine around. Yet Yahoo and MSN follow close behind, like the Three Kingdoms of Ancient China.

Have you found that particular item or data via the Internet? Well, maybe you should try a new Web Search Engine. You will soon notice that different results can be found with various engines. Regardless of your Web Search Engine directory of choice, one thing is for sure, the Internet remains the best place to look for information. Get online today and browse with a variety of Search Engines directory in order to find your favorite one.

What do you consider the greatest invention of all time? Is it the wheel? Okay, let us not be ridiculous. Although the wheel has its place, other creations seem incomparable. I have heard folks say that the Television is the most amazing innovation since it works as a mass communication device, but also entertains beyond the capabilities of the Radio. I can see the praise.

However, how can anyone choose one invention and deem it the best form of technology? For me personally, the computer is certainly at the top of my list; when it comes to home computers, they just offer us so much connection.

The World-Wide-Web has provided us with limitless possibilities. How often do you use your PC or Mac? These nifty little machines grant us with so many conveniences. I will never forget the first time I popped open a Web Search Engine for their services.

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