Change Machines For Any Business

A wise choice to help increase sales, especially if you have other Vending Machines set up is a Change Machine. What if a potential customer has only large bills and wants to buy something for a dollar or two? Change Machines encourage buying and making transactions more convenient for the customer and the vendor.

Small money oriented businesses like laundry mats and arcades often have customers in need of change. Change Machines are also good for Motels and Hotels, where a person may want to use a Pay Phone, grab a snack or break bills into change. Kids in school need a rush of energy and definitely could use Change Machines after class or in lunchrooms. Corporate companies could also use Change Machines in break rooms for exhausted and thirsty employees. 

They can be mounted on vending equipment, inside a wall or on a base. Most are made of heavy steel for protection and feature high-tech optical and magnetic sensors to detect counterfeit money. Usually owners are allowed to choose what kinds of bills and coins they will accept as well as their preferred level of security. Maintenance is generally easy on Change Machines and advances in technology now allow easy upgrades for currency changes. Batteries in Change Machines can last years, even decades, and thus ensure power outages will not affect the machine.

These machines can vary in cost, depending mainly on the technology and the external design. A simple base Bill Changer can be priced at about $350. If you have heavy traffic in your business, investment could have return back within a week. A mini Countertop model would cost about a $1000 because of the extra convenience. A medium sized front load model would cost $1700.

For peace of mind look for a company that offers at least a one or two year warranty on Change Machines. Shipping to most states takes about 2 weeks and could be as much as $150 depending on the model you selected. 

If you want your customers to relax, stay a while and check out your other Vending Machines or coin-operated services, consider install Change Machines for their convenience. In the meantime, you increase your revenue.

If you have a small business, medium sized business or even a large business, you must know that Vending Machines and other Money Machines can help increase your revenue and help to promote customer satisfaction. A Soda Machine can make a long wait seem less tiresome. An ATM machine in a commercial business can encourage impulse buying.

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