Is it A Harrassing Telephone Calling?

Who's on line? Do you have a mixed feelings about telephone calling. For me, If I am calling friends or family I have no problem picking up the phone. I'm actually quite reliable in terms of keeping in touch with high school friends and people we've met along the way. However, when the phone rings I definitely must admit that I cringe.

I don't know what it is about a ringing telephone that sets me on edge, and the silly thing is, I have call display - I can look and see who's calling before I even pick up the phone. But that ringing sound always fills me with dread - I don't know what it is.

When a family member lets me know that a telephone call is for me, I immediately get on the defensive, demanding 'who IS it??' The worst possible answer for me is a shrug of the shoulders and a 'how should I know?' That just drives me around the bend.

It's not the actual act of talking on the telephone that bothers me. Otherwise I would have equal trepidation about telephone calling as well. Somehow, it's simply telephone answering that truly fills me with angst.

I have received bad news over the telephone from time to time, but I think what may be at the root of my avoidance is the number of people I know who view telephone calling as a mere past-time - a way to get through a long and boring day. And somehow I am often chosen as their hapless victim.

There are a few especially persistent individuals who will call several times a day, to the point where it becomes obvious that I am avoiding their calls. I don't know what it is about telephone calling that makes these people think it's okay to harass someone so voraciously - I can't imagine the same people repeatedly coming to my door and ringing the doorbell time and time again, when it was obvious that I was home and just not answering their calls.

So, I don't really understand where they get the gall when it comes to telephone calling. When it gets especially bad, it gets to the point where I feel like a hostage in my own home, never knowing when an onslaught of ringing might strike. My husband tells me that I just need to answer the calls and be firm with them - set limits and boundaries

But that's easier said than done. Once I finally give in and answer the call, I'm stuck! Some of these people will hear me say I have to go, and just continue to ramble on without a breath - I wonder if they'd notice if I just hung up the phone? Perhaps the time is coming for me to test that theory. Perhaps I could put an end to my fear of telephone answering once and for all!

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