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The time has changed. This hustle and bustle world we live in has made it difficult to survive without wireless phones. It's actually funny when I think about it, because when I was in high school, no one had a cell phone, it was all about the pagers. Here in the new millennium you'd think we would die without these tiny methods of communication. Wireless phones seem to be ruling our lives.

If you take a look around, you are likely to spot a cell phone in most people's hand or pocket. These convenient little toys have made the phone booth, obsolete. The advantages of wireless phones range anywhere from making business deals while on the move or calling the spouse while stuck in traffic. How did we ever get along without them?

If you search the web, you will find a number of cell phone services, as well as cool phone designs. A distinct feature of cell phones is they always get smaller or more compact. However, in addition, wireless phones continue to get more advanced. Anyone remember the huge ones back around 1990? Those babies looked like military walkie talkies compared to the mini pocket folders we have today.

A great thing about wireless phones concerns safety. No matter where you go, you always have that little tool that can aid you with your broke down car, or get you in touch with the police in an emergency. We can now keep track of our children when they reach the dating age. Even if they don't return our calls, there's a tracking device in their phone to reveal their location.

A popular feature, which is probably used by teens more than adults, is the picture option. It's great to be able to snap a quick shot of something or someone and pass it on to a friend. The ring tones are also a cool feature. Have a favorite song? Make it your ring tone.

With the widespread use of wireless phones, we have to be extra careful with who's getting in touch. In more recent events, some users have had trouble with foul text messages and random callers who've attained their number some how.

Overall, these wondrous devices have really solved a lot of communication problems that most of us face on a daily basis. They've made things easier, but always remember to use with caution, which essentially means, don't talk and drive.

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