How To Get Local & International Phone Call Cheap Even With Cellular?

By Jones Ng
If you are wondering how to get local and International phone call cheaper, you are at the right place. Nowadays, since Phone Service VoIP are getting real hot on giving cheap phone calls via Internet broadband, more telecommunication company has emerged to provide you with cheap phone calls with the merging of Computer To Phone Calls to your cellular phone or any fixed phone lines.

Imagine those International phone call that can be as high as $2 per minute are now slashed down to as low as 3 cents per minute! Better yet, you don't even need to change your cellular or fixed line number in order to enjoy this lowest rate of long distance phone calls! In fact, it should be called as Phone Card Integration to any types of phones you are holding.

So what exactly is the way to slash down your International phone call or even local calls? Let's get to Cellular phone first, since the calls are much more expensive than fixed phone line. If you can integrate Computer To Phone Calls onto it, you should have no problem doing the same thing with your fixed line.

First of all, get an Cell Phone Plan with Free Incoming calls, competition has forced those major telecom to come out a cellular plan that provides incoming calls free to cellular phone users. Even if your country does not provide that kind of plan, you can still slashed down those International phone call after reading this article using the service that I recommend you.

It's ok if you are using the prepaid card or so called "Pay As You Go Phones" with free incoming calls. Get a cheap one since most prepaid card have expiry date, if you can't finish all the minutes that you have bought within a certain period, you will be wasting your money.

So how can you do it? Well, the service that I am going to tell you basically uses broadband network that will Call Back to your number when you triggered it by calling their gateway with your phone. With the cheap rate of Internet Broadband Network and the free incoming call to cellular plan, you won't have to rush your chatting on the phone anymore, even for overseas calls.

Call back service is a voice service whereby user call in to their designated Call-Back Gateway Number to trigger a return call from their system to prompt and connect the user to the destination number no matter it's from a cellular phone or fixed phone line.

The service could be SMS triggered as well. Once again, with Call-Back Service, you always receive incoming calls since when you call the designated Gateway number, it will disconnect you and call you back again in a second! Thus this service is most beneficial to mobile phone users who subscribed to free incoming call service plans.

To start, go to this page and review the introduction or the rates. To purchase online, go to this page directly to purchase.

  1. Select "I would like to: Purchase SV Cards" in the box.
  2. Key in your SV Card QTY applicable in either each box of different SV value you would like to purchase. E.G. Key in "2" on the S$1 SV Card Qty Box if you want to buy 2 pieces of cards or PINs.
  3. Note that there is another International specific version named "OSC" with similar but different calling rates, if you are not sure which type to choose, review the introduction page again. However, If you want to have Chit-Chat sessions with China Female Chatters at a lower rate than any other similar service, currently only SV Card with TSC supports it by keying 69# after you receive the Callback.
  4. You may select "Send by SOFT-PIN to my mobile no. or my email" to the Radio Button, and of course, at this point, type in your mobile number OR your email address to receive the Virtual Card without Hard Copy delivery so as to enjoy free delivery costs and hassles. However, you have the chance to select "Send by Normal Post: Add S$2" OR "Send by Registered Post: Add S$6" whatever you wish.
  5. Click on the "Update/Add to Cart" or "Checkout" Button.
  6. On the Checkout Page, fill in your personal details, and on the "SCPlus / SV Card No. (if any):" column, please key in 87023232. Once you have received the SV Card or OSC Card virtually or in Hard Copy, you will need to update with your personal NRIC/FIN/Passport no. AND this number 87023232 when you first login to your Online Membership Account via your Card/ Account no. and PIN no.
  7. Subsequent purchase will only need to key in your OWN Card/ Account no at the "SCPlus / SV Card No. (if any):" column.
  8. Follow the screen instructions to proceed your purchase via available payment options.

Please take note that there will be a flat fee of S$1.20 amount for eNets online transaction fee in Singapore currency regardless how many SV Card you purchase in a whole. This S$1 of value SV Card are able to let you make calls right from the beginning!

Instructions and details for phone number registering, membership online, referring statistic and making a call etc. are all there on the SV Card Website after you have bought the card in either version.

Surprisingly, you might find that their local and International phone call rates are extremely low compared to normal cellular rates! For example, calling to a Singapore number from a Singapore Cellular costs only 3 cents per minute in Singapore Currency while major cellular phone company will charge you for around 15 cents or even more, let alone overseas calls!

That's the power of Internet. By the way, if you refer this SV Card to others or helping them to purchase, you will have the chance to earn commission up to eleven levels. All the Network Marketing plans and information are on the Web portal too, just in case you are interested for this helpful service.

Feel free to ask me any question regarding this SV Card when you are in doubt. I will help you if I could.

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